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Output Text is a completely free website. As you all know, content is king in every internet search system, especially Google. For posting articles with duplicate content is Google's fault, so we have to change and rewrite the content for the article on the website. However, the writing work takes a lot of time for the seoer, spinvn will help you minimize and completely automate this work. With the intelligent data system, spinvn will automatically spin synonyms based on our rich data. Currently, there are a lot of spintax tools in the {word} format. This, though, brings a lot of writing but takes a lot of time. Coming to this site, you just copy and paste, you do not have to think of synonyms. This we do automatically help you.

Only with 2 steps: Copy and paste you will get new posts close to the old article.

With the hope that data synonyms will be richer in many areas, we always welcome and acknowledge your contribution by sending synonyms to the .txt .xlsx format. xls .doc .docx to this email:

Besides, we build free data so we will be happy if you support a small part of the funds through Paypal:

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